when the law can't provide justice turn to vigilante justice

Has someone wronged you? Don't let them get away with it and continue to hurt others.

Place a bounty on someone completely anonymously.

All bounty rewards done through anonymous cryptocurrency.

New Bounty List

step 1

Choose bounty

Choose a bounty which resonates with your sense of justice.

step 2

Fulfill bounty request

Plan and execute the client's bounty request.

step 3

Claim bounty reward

Send in all photo and video evidence that the bounty has completed.

How to place a bounty

Gather information

Collect all the information you can on the bounty target including full name, address, photos, videos, social media, etc.

Submit your bounty

Send us all the gathered information and reason for placing the bounty. After a review, we will decide whether the bounty qualifies to be posted.

Submit bounty reward

Once your bounty has been approved, you must submit the reward to be held in escrow. This way we can guarantee that the reward will be paid eonce someone completes the bounty.


"Nothing hurts like betrayal from your loved ones. My girlfriend of 6 years cheated on me with my best friend of 10 years. Thanks to Vigilante Jobs she is now permanently disfigured and he can no longer walk! "
"My ex-wife tried to take everything from me during our divorce. She had promised she did not want anything but then proceeded to lawyer up. After two broken arms she now remembers her promise. Thanks Vigilante Jobs!"

Need to post or claim a bounty?

Please prepare all information, photos, and evidence before placing or claiming a bounty.

It is best to use a disposable email for your anonymity.

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